Farewell words on 31.5.2008

Dear Peterswalder,

Today we have had a wonderful time, with many moving moments.
With many thoughts on the past but also with new additional approaches
for a future in peace, in which we can keep our cultural heritage in partnership.
Therefore, this day, May 31, 2008 will be a milestone.

I would like to take this
opportunity to thankall the participants who contributed to this special celebration, in particular the Divine Blessing of the Vicar General Havelka,
who in his words supported all our efforts
to preservethe history and the connection to Peterswaldand to promote.

My thanks also go to Mayor Kutina and his deputy, Mr. Walter Wolf,
who has given us the security: The roots of our families in Peterswald are respected.
Mayor Kutina has written to me that he hopes that this joint festival will be a step towards
Czech-German reconciliation. For that I thank him and I wish it with all my heart.

For the musical performance we say thanks to the members of the Markersbacher choir.

Thanks also to Mrs. Schülbe for the beautiful poem.

I would like to thank Mrs Martina Gusova, who made the speeches in Czech.

Please remember in this hour also to Mr. Willibald Bail, who unexpectedly died a month ago, who has been
looking forward to today and unfortunately is no longer with us.
His last letter to me ends with the sentence:

“Youth wants peace and reconciliation, it is easier for them to forgive, because they
did not have to experience misdeeds and expropriation. I am thinking of your generation and of our daughter Gabi.
There are so many Czechs who reach out to reconciliation, to peace.
It would be a new injustice not to accept this concession, this understanding of the Czechs! ”

Willibald Bail urges us all to continue in this sense and to consolidate and deepen the reconciliation.
Therefore, I would like to present to you, dear Mayor, this little book which Mr Willibald Bail
sent to you before his death.

Now I would like to inform you that after this Baroque cross inauguration Mr. Mayor Kutina
invited us to the Maypole precipitation and afterwards at 19.00 o’clock to the feast in the Rathaussaal. I suggest
that we have our dinner there together. On the ground floor is now a room reserved for us.
Well, it is not yet “Feieromd”, but we have further opportunity to continue our discussions about feelings,
expectations and hopes.