Inauguration of the baroque cross in the cemetery in Peterswald / Petrovice

Today we have come together for an extraordinary event,
which is very important for the future.
First of all, I greet General Vicar Monsignor Karel Hawelka,
Deputy Mayor Walter Wolf,
Mr. Bilek, Restorer of the Cross,
the choir from Markersbach,
and all those present who have come so many.

A heart’s desire of mine comes true. I thank all donors
and all concerned that the venerable baroque cross will be preserved and
newly inaugurated today. I would like to mention at this point
that a significant donation, my son Karlheinz has contributed significantly to this
. It should also be a thank you to God, our Heavenly Father,
that he has given our parents and grandparents the strength to start afresh
gain a foothold in their new home.

In 2006, the Peterswalder Heimatgemeinchaft
inaugurated a tombstone for all of our deceased , standing here on the left, just at the entrance,
coming from the church. I am particularly pleased that young people (Czechs and Germans alike)
are helping to continue the understanding, as happens here in Peterswald.
I especially thank Renate von Babka and Rüdiger Waurig, who have taken a lot of work from me.

But Petrovice, too, deserves thanks for shaking hands with Old Peterswald
and hosting a festival that will help reconciliation. One request, Mr Wolf,
is it possible to provide a space where products from the former companies,
photos and memorabilia could go to the exhibition?
That would be a great addition to both parts.

Now I ask the translator, Mrs Gusova, thank you!