"Historic Salt Road"


In the old days, salt traders brought their goods to the market with their horse-drawn covered wagons, on the route between Halle / Saale and Prague , on the so-called “salt road”. It was the first country road that crossed the border forests of Bohemia and was mentioned before 1000 AD.

It led, as I found out now, also through Tyssa fallow and my steps led me daily, unknowingly, on this historic route. And indeed our Gasse’l (alley) is part of the salt road.

The salt road led from Gottleuba , ( Saxony ), over the present villages Neuhof / Hungertuch , through the Peterswalder district up to Buchtendörfel (Antonstal) and thence toTyssa fallow on the alley, where we lived, and then moved, continue on the same path, through the forest, past the present Ziegelteich, through the Wolfsschlucht to Königswald . From there she went via Klein-Kahn , Kninitz , Saara Troschig and Postitz to Aussigand on over the mountains to Prague. Unfortunately, the tracks are blurred on this last phase.

At that time there were only way stations. The name “Tesk,” ( Tisá ?) And “Werec” ( ” Raiza ?) Still be found in old records. Even King Forest had a way station where the salt road over the” White Way “by small boat continued her name was. Probably they always had quite a number of fresh horses at hand there, as the teams were always changed before it went over the mountains, they are said to use only “piebalds”.

This station must have been quite extensive, as could be seen in part from the remnants of the walls and cellar vaults. It was not far from the present Königswald house number 241, “Gasthaus zum Tscheckental”, in the upper village and the name is associated with it.

It must have been a rather uncertain time then and this road through the Bohemian forests was very lonely, who knows what all this has happened ….

Edeltraud M. Kobler