The history of the Hantschel family

Originally the Hantschel family came from Böhmisch-Kahn , a small farming village not far from Peterswald in northern Bohemia, Sudetenland. Until 1918, the Sudetenland was one of the three so-called crown lands that belonged to the Austrian monarchy.   Until 1786, the peasants in the Sudetenland were serfs and had to perform so-called robotic services and get their master’s permission for every change. These supplications are recorded in the records of power. Likewise the decrees of the rule.    

It is clear from these records of governance that it was Wenzel Hantschel, born about 1740 in Böhmisch – Kahn , who on 10.12.1767 applied to his landlord Count Wratislava for approval of the sole beer bar. Since this “bad” tavern could not sufficiently feed him and his family, after his marriage on 21.9.1769 he submitted a new application to the reign, with his wife Veronika, to Peterswald   to be allowed to move to buy and operate a tavern there.

After he had received the approval of the rule, he first moved to the house no. 61 after Peterswald and then the “lower tavern”, which had become dilapidated after the French wars, was rebuilt by Wenzel Hantschel in 1769 ( house no. 79 ) and honored to the wagoners who – coming from Saxony and driving there  in the tavern liked to stop, called “black steed”. The tavern turned out to be inadequate in view of the increasing traffic between Bohemia and Saxony. Therefore, the son or grandson of the WH, who had moved in 1769, built opposite a large house ( No. 352 ) with ballroom and accommodation facilities and moved the business business there. The lower tavern became well known under the name “Kastanienhof”.    

In the year of the census 1869 belonged the house no. 61 of the family Blumentritt and house no. 79 of the Püschel family.

In 1839, a child of Wenzel Hantschel, * 15.2.1801, who was a grandson of that coming from Bohemian-KahnWenzel Hantschel, was already in the house no. Born in 352. This house was also purchased later in 1900 by the Püschel family.