Bell consecration in Peterswald

As elsewhere, in the first war of the Second World War, Peterswald paid customs in losses of human life. Painful touched also the loss of the beautiful Kirdlenglocken.

Immediately after the war, Mr. Dechant Alois Skliba tried to get a steel bell, which was cast in the ironworks in Karbitz.

On the first day of the revelation, which I experienced as a pastor in Peterswald (January 20, 1933), I thanked for our loving care, which the Peterswalders, under the direction of the late Mr. Dechant Skliba, had allowed the Church to devote to our consecration To leave the house of God perhaps even more beautiful coming generatlons, mentioned the bell problem and added that the church collection of this day are used as the basis of a bell bed, soIl. Although no one of them knew the faithful of my intention, and no one was prepared for it, the collection of the church yielded the amount of 130 crowns, an amount which far surpassed the ordinary collections.

In the following period a committee was founded, in which – as far as I can remember – the gentlemen: Kühnel Karl “Korl-Korl”, Blumentritt and Kühnel Max von der Sparkasse, Franze (Financial Inspector), Wolf Franz “Richter -Wenzel “, Kliem Franz, Wolf Wenzel” Wabergerber “, Schönbach Franz and Wolf Franz from the Oberdorfe, Kühnel Hermann,” Schulnazhermann “. Three bells were ordered from the foundry Herold in Komotau. They stood at about 30,000.- crowns. The house collection in the place as well as some donations from abroad yielded this amount, yes still a surplus of approx. 2.500.- Kr., So that still an organ engine could be acquired. During Lent, Mr. Kliem twice gave a church concert “Passion of the Lord”, in which Mr. Tscherney sang solo parts. The net yield was also turned towards the bell fan. All contributors had waived any compensation.

On the eve of the consecration, May 27, the bells were brought to the village. In the barn of Mr. Schönbach Josef (“HeseIbauer”) they were kept overnight and decorated.

In a solemn procession they were driven to the sports field on May 28th. There the catechist Johann Endler from Tetschen gave the sermon, HH. District Vicar Edmund Tobischl from Teplitz-Schönau took the consecration and celebrated the hI. Mass.

Already in the third afternoon of the afternoon the bells were raised, as in the days before Mr. Zimmermeister Kühne! had made the change of the belfry. In front of the church and on the surrounding heights countless people were waiting for the first notes. Eyes of tears sparked in tears of joy. According to the understandable desire, they may have served their service undisturbed through the centuries and may no more a war wrest them from the place. Unfortunately, this wish did not materialize. In early 1942, the two large bells had to be delivered. Through an interview with a commissioner in the Landratsamte, whom I had met in Peterswald during an air-riot vigil at an advanced hour, it was possible that the middle one could be saved instead of the smallest.

On May 6, 1942, on the day of my move to Aussig, these bells were taken away.


Bell consecration in Peterswald – 20. u. May 21, 1933