History of the late baroque cross in the Peterswald cemetery

 Since the
church,renovated in 1657 by Nikolaus Freiherr von Schönfeld,proved to be too small, a new one was built in 1793. It was built
in a different place. In place of the old demolished church
, a stone cross was placed in the cemetery in 1796, donated by Josef Bail, the Peilbauer,
from the house of 192. Josef Bail, died in 1799.

In the archive in Leitmeritz on 22.9.2008 I managed
to findthe dying entry ofthe widow of the Baroque cross donor, which reads as follows:
“10.3.1799, house no. 12, Rosina, of + Josef Bail, farmer – donor
of the stone cross in the churchyard and the pulpit, left widow “.
Rosina Bail died at the age of 78 years. So she was born in 1721.
This means that the Baroque cross donor Josef Bail
had already died before 10.3.1799 . A review of the matrices 1798 -10.3.1799
did not result in the death of JB. Also the matrices of 1793
and 1794 were checked. Then there was an entry that the matrices were lost from April 1794
to 1797. Presumably Josef Bail died during this time
. Since he is said to have donated the Baroque Cross in 1796, one could
assume the year 1797 with a high probability as the date of death.

In the parish chronicle of Peterswald I found the following entry:
“In the year 1876 in the month of August the current pastor P. Josef Hille left
the statue of the stone cemetery cross for himself by the amount
of 57 Austrian M. (  today’s value according to DeutscherBundesbank € 1400, – – )
restored by the stonemason and sculptor Anton Bauer in Teplitz.
This cross is a masterpiece and, if it were to be rebuilt,
at least 800 ost. M. come to stand. Vidi P. Jos.Hampel, Vik.