My dear Tyssa

Wonderfully   my Tyssa is up
in the green mountains,
where the rocks are raised high,
stretching to the sky!

 Shielding protect high walls,
the beloved hometown,
and an amazement without end,
lives in every Wand’rer away!

 Proud and powerful out of the trees,
the gray wall rises;
and a wonderfull of dreams,
the rock vouches entrance gate!

 Steps hewn over rock
, the path leads to steep wall,
O, how wonderfully awakening,
pictures, all around in the homeland.

 To walk through the rocky wall
and to see a masterpiece
that a god created eternally,
for us humans!

 Drum my Tyssa raised high,
with the proud rock wall,
Greetings You as a guard above
eternally from the Sudetenland!

(By Josef Hieke, Postman of Tyssa)