The news of the death of our long-time Nollendorf home handler, Willibald Bail, a few days after his 82 birthday has shaken us all and filled us with deep sadness.

Willi, as we called him, was an institution for us. He was the one who tracked down the Nollendorfer in Germany in the 1970s, got in contact with them, and soon afterwards launched our home group. He performed this function selflessly until 2003.

All his achievements  To enumerate here would be beyond the scope. The fact that he had stored so many details about his hometown was an invaluable asset to us. He had been allowed to experience his Nollendorf only as a teenager. For right after his apprenticeship in 1943, he had to change his life plan. RAD, Wehrmacht and then Russian captivity until 1949 was certainly a piece of lost life.

Shortly before his death he expressed joyfully that he will drive to his birthplace on the 31st of May. Homeland was not just a spoken word for him, no homeland, he lived with a full heart.

We Nollendorfer bow in reverence to this sincere, helpful man and friend, and will honor him with honor; Our compassion also goes to his family.

In the name of all Nollendorfer, Herbert Klepsch, April 23, 2008