Tyssaer Annafest

Egg there Tiese is the last week of July
swept, cleaned each hole,
gemolt, gewoschn and lacquered,
short oll will stop imgeriert.
The woman whistles like lightning
and shouting, as
Mohus uses nothing : “Ma would have liked to eat it all,
push a cartwheel, the droche!”
Su looking for a cock, a hora, a soap
there is nothing to drieba, drunta,
om Koppe stands there whole Blunda.
Ofn Wage shove how ignorant
the Kuchnweiba up to the quarrel,
dou there’s Kuchn, schworz, brown and gaal,
dos smell until nei ice Elwetol,
druffe sees ma Poppe and moun,
dosse se, n Leitn taste sun.
Vun Moureibn’s sugor Marode
ma brems dan Orm schun niemej grode.
Om Suntich, there troll goes off,
drolle is happy, clover and big,
dou kwietscht’s and Leiats a Eckn,
vu da Kerche up to Schlattner-Bäckn.
Egg Galla is doormaned,
because no on train done,
dou is geraacht, lent, sneered,
because last six a pulled out.
Today it is not so bad, Jo
Rese, wu san die Zeitn out,
wos kunnt in front of wars ban Kiekntone
assn and drink fer enne ejntsche crown.
Three Toge went there Sums wetta su,
the Tiesner remained heita and early,
then wors vabei, the Kuchngelecke
and olls gassn, until of the Hedelbeermlecke.
Erscht rejoice olle druff,   s whole Johr
and nocha dou vish wish se gor.
Oba su wors schun zu olln Zeitn,
glad ock mou at dan aldn Leitn,
wors Annafest a week vorieba,
we went there Tiese imma drunta and drieba!