- Unforgettable home -

Ü about the waves of time you call, home, me,  with mountains, valleys and groves, in my heart you rest. Sensing my eye seeks where your soul is,  familiar beings in you are missed with pain. But when I search deeply, I feel a singing in the heart,  as if over time and space, from afar a thousand greetings sound. They glide on golden wings, banished from you by souls, we will never forget you, you jewel in a strange hand. 



It rises from the soul ..

Like a breath, it gently strokes the heath,  glides across the meadows, the grove, the corridors,  floating from the past it rises,  yearning has born it. Unfulfilled longing, stronger than any imposed limitations,  carries it forward into the unforgotten,  where open wounds stunned only by the opiate of half a century awaiting healing. It comes to walk on the paths of remembrance, to  find its way on the deeply imprinted tracks,  to quench the burning thirst that was  aroused by homeland robbery. And it draws healing balm from the source of the memoirs,  the echo of bygone times,  preserved and unforgotten, untouched by shrill presence,  immortalized in the fabric of immortality. Free from all imposed fetters  , it settles down in the familiar corridors,  merging in perfect harmony and  reveling in the sphere of belonging, inviolable,