Speech mayor Walter Wolf

Dear citizens of Petrovice,
Members of the Peterswalder Heimatgemeinschaft,
Vicar General Monsignore Hawelka, guests, ladies and gentlemen present.

Right at the beginning, I would like to apologize to our mayor, Mr Kutina, who is
unable to attend this event due to his vacation, planned for ten years.
I should address in his name to all present very warm greetings.

In my name, on behalf of the municipal council and the mayor, I would like to
welcome everyone to this event, which will take place on the occasion of the crossauguration in the cemetery in Petrovice.
The re-establishment of the Baroque Cross was taken from the resources and initiative of the Peterswald community,
and I would like to express my gratitude. My thanks also go to all the others involved in the repair   , whether financially
or organizationally.

The municipality of Petrovice has always been part of the Czech-Bohemian countries, although the residents
spoke predominantly German and German nationality. The time between the years 1938-45 and the subsequent period of darkness
in our relationships are part of our history, which unfortunately can not be erased, and can not and should not be forgotten.
Our present and, more importantly, future in today’s common Europe must come from the real world,
and if supported by these and similar projects, I do not think we have to worry about our coexistence.

Honored presenters, along with the other community representatives, are convinced that such actions
contribute significantly to good Czech – German understanding and therefore we welcome them, will support them and believe
that we will see each other again at similar events in the future. One of the possibilities is our project of the church in Petrovice,
which is currently owned by our community. For the time being, the local council has decided to make every effort to recreate
this dominant feature of our community, which we regard as heritage. Meanwhile, we are preparing at the moment
provide the necessary construction documentation and identify possible sources of finance. We believe that in the foreseeable future of a few years we will be able to build
the new roof and look forward to seeing everyone at the handover.

I would like to
thank all those who have participated in the restoration of this baroque cross and the festival event, and wish us all a nice and eventful day.


Walter Wolf