10th Peterswald Heimattreffen in Hainburg

The place signs of the new large community Hainburg carry besides the names of the partner municipalities still another reference:   partner municipality Peterswald “. In time for the 10th anniversary of the meeting of Peterwalder in the godfather community Hainstadt, now part of Hainburg, the long-standing wish of the Peterswalder was met and the signs attached.

The number of visitors to the biennial home gathering in the sponsored community of Hainburg is constantly filling the sports hall to the last place to refresh the memories of the old homeland.

The Peterswalder were distributed after the expulsion in 292 places. The family index, which is managed by their trusted man Franz Ritschel, includes over 400 addresses, as well as a map with names and house numbers. In addition to many photos and color slides, the archive owns several makes of the former Peterswalder button and metalware industry. By means of the name file, many former Peterswaldern could be helped in the search for coworkers and former employers with pension matters.