13. Heimattreffen of Peterswalder and Nollendorfer, 25 to 27 June 1983

The year 1983 was for the Peterswalder home community and her godparent Hainburg in the sign of the 13th HOMEPATH MEETING, which took place from 25 to 27 June 1983 in the Hainstädter sports hall.

Several hundred Peterswalder and Nollendorfer had come to Hainburg for this biennial meeting from all over Germany, the German Democratic Republic, Austria, CSSR and Canada. Also noteworthy was the high number of participants in the year 1923, who took the home event in 1983 as an opportunity to celebrate their 60th birthday together in Hainburg.

Already on Saturday many visitors experienced the reunion party in the sports hall. On Sunday, according to tradition, pastor Hans-Peter Brucker celebrated the traditional festival service in the overcrowded church of St. Wendelin. This was followed by a funeral ceremony with wreath laying at the memorial in the Hainstädter cemetery.

In the sports hall, Josef Stelz welcomed Mr. Bessel as the representative of the  mayor Wemelka as well as Messrs. Ladek and Schiller, who then gave welcome and welcome speeches.Greetings to the numerically strongly represented compatriots from Nollendorf spoke Willibald Bail.

The home-grown community of all Peterswalder and Nollendorfer would like to cordially thank the numerous ladies and gentlemen of the parish council and the municipal council for their presence at the ceremony.

Peterswalder Heimattreffen from 25 to 27 June 1983 in Hainburg

At the same time we thank the municipality Hainburg, headed by Mayor Wemelka and the Workers’ Welfare Hainburg for the financial support of those visitors from Peterswald and Nollendorf, who came from the GDR and CSSR.

After leaving the Hainstädter sports hall in the late evening hours of June 26, 1983, the Peterswalder celebrated their traditional church festival “Peter and Paul” in the restaurants and houses of many now in Hainburg for over 36 years resident former Peterswalder.

On Monday, June 27, 1983, many visitors to the meeting met for a breakfast and lunch in the Gasthof “Lindenhof”, where the 13th Heimattreffen came to a close.

Finally, we would like to mention the following: 
As a sign of gratitude for his self-sacrificing volunteer work in the VdK Ortsgruppe Jügesheim and the Confederation of displaced persons, Ortsgruppe Jügesheim, Mr Landrat Karl Martin Rebel, on behalf of the Hessian Prime Minister, handed over the honorary letter of the Land of Hessen to our Josef Josef, a friend from St. Petersburg Stelz. All Peterswalder congratulate our countryman on this high award.

In the name of the “Peterswalder Heimatgemeinschaft” we pass on to all Hainburgers, Peterswaldern and Nollendorfers the best wishes and blessings for a healthy and successful 1984.