14. Heimattreffen of Peterswalder, Nollendorfer and Schönwalder, 29.6. to 1.7. 1985

A peaceful confession of their former Erzgebirgischen homeland laid after 40 years of expulsion hundreds distributed throughout the world Peterswalder, Nollendorfer and Schönwalder on the occasion of the Peterswald Heimattreffens, the 29.6. until 1.7.1985 in Hainburg / Hainstadt took place.

The municipality Hainstadt – under its then mayor Joseph Böhn – took over in 1959 in a ceremony the sponsorship of the Erzgebirge village Peterswald. Since then, the Peterswalder meet every two years in their godfather community.

The three-day program – the highlights of the festive service in the restored parish church St. Wendelinus, celebrated by home priest Hans-Peter Brucker, a ceremony in the fully occupied hall of the HainstadterSporthalle, in the presence of mayor Wemelka and wife, and numerous representatives of the Municipality Hainburg, the Sudetendeutschen Landsmannschaft and the chairman of the Confederation of Expellees, Ortsverband Hainstadt, Mr. Klöcker – was a confession of peace and harmony. In the address of the mayor, among other things, the recognition of the work done by the expelled Peterswalders in the reconstruction in their host country was expressed. With great applause, he also announced the increase of the godparent gift for the visitors of the meeting from the GDR and CSSR of DM 30, – to DM 40, -. This money gift could be received by about 35 visitors. The Peterswalder Heimatgemeinschaft thanks in this way the sponsored community Hainburg in the name of all recipients very warmly.

We would also like to thank our hometown friend Kurt Grohmann, who has contributed to the design and production of a generally admired plaque to beautify the home gathering. A special honor was given to our hometown friend Grohmann – Guild master of the engraving trade – by Federal President Carl Carstens, who awarded him with a certificate for his services to exemplary training of apprentices. Three apprentices have now emerged from his company as national winners. For us, Kurt Grohmann is a symbol of what is often described as the true postwar miracle of the displaced in Germany.

The festival Sunday afternoon embellished the folk dance group of the Eghalanda Gmoi z’Rodgau with their performances.

On Monday they met – however in smaller circle – for a cozy get-together in the inn “Lindenhof” in Hainstadt. Thus the 14th Heimattreffen came to its conclusion.

And not only on this day, when it was time again to bid farewell, the miraculous feeling of familiarity, security, identity, in short, a yearning for home arose. After the home, which is now beyond barbed wire, watchtowers and bondage for more than 40 years.

More than ever, I mean, you feel the love of home, and I see in it a great opportunity for the Förderalismus, to which the administrative authority of the godparent Hainburg as a place of creative design offers opportunities.

The German East, its cultural heritage, its living traditions – which we want to maintain – are inextricably linked to the entire German culture and history.

In this spirit, we look forward to the next Peterswalder Treffen in the year 1987 in our godfather community Hainburg.