15th Heimreffreffen the Peterswälder in Hainburg

From 27 to 29 June 1987 Hainburg was again the center of the 15th Petersw like forests Heimaftreffens. Several hundred ago now  above sea over 40 years displaced from their ancestral homeland Ore in the world Petersw like forests and Nollendorfer met in the Hainst like dter sports hall. The meeting will be held at two-year cycle and is now a history  above sea over three decades to the above ckblicken.

After the reunion party on Saturday, 27.6. 1987, the G gathered ä ste Sunday morning at a church service in the Catholic Church of St. Wendelin, who from the Petersw Elder was the home of Pastor Hans-Peter Brukker celebrated.

It schlo ß  a dead ceremony with wreath-laying ceremony at the memorial on the Hainst like to dter cemetery.

The Begr üß ungsansprache of Mr. Josef pride in the sports hall to Grove City was followed by a speech by Mr. B ü MAYOR Wemelka, which the G ä ste on behalf of the parish committees welcome here ß . He explained ä rte among other things, as ß  the town Hainburg will endeavor in the future, the  ü to erf bernommene sponsorship with life ücases. In addition, the provincial superior of the Sudetendeutsche Landsmannschaft, Alfred Herold, Hainburg, spoke to his compatriots. Alfred Herold said in his speech: “If more than half a million Sudeten Germans gather for home meetings in the course of a year, this is not a gathering of the most die-hard, but a visible expression of love of one’s homeland and homeland”. Furthermore Alfred Herold also thanked on behalf of the homeland the leaders of the community Hainburg f u r the PROCEED ü currency of f u r places Peterswald and Nollendorf  übernommenen sponsorship and urged the visitors and their Prospective ö -engine on, also k u nftig in so large ßhe number to attend their home meeting.He called his countrymen at large ß em cheer to: ,, The home lives – as long as we want it! “.

Mr. Otakar Lehmann, Seligenstadt,  ü bermittelte the size üß e of the Federation of Expellees, whose chairman he f u r is the circle Offenbach.

The conclusion of the official part was embellished compatriot Willibald Bail with a dialect. 

At this 15th annual meeting of the Peterswälder, all visitors residing in the GDR or Czechoslovakia received a donation from the sponsoring community of Hainburg.

Name of the recipient  , we transmit Mayor Wemelka, the Parish Council and the ladies and gentlemen of the municipal council grateful thanks.

The conclusion of the meeting in 1987, the visitors celebrated on Monday, the 29.6. 1987, with a shared snack and lunch at the Gadthof Lindenhof in Hainstadt.

Heinz Wolf