16. Heimattreffen of Peterswalder, Nollendorfer and Schönwalder, from June 24 to 26, 1989

The 16th Heimattreffen of the Peterswalder in the sponsored community Hainburg was very well attended on all three days of the festival.

Of the almost three thousand in the years 1945 to 1947 forcibly expelled from their ancestral homeland Peterswaldern had followed almost three hundred of the invitation of the home community to this meeting.

From the neighboring villages Nollendorf traveled 55 people, from Schönwald and Tyssa a total of about 25 visitors to Hainburg.

As in previous meetings, a big reunion took place on Saturday evening.

The guests from Nollendorf held a home evening at the Hotel zum Löwen in the district of Klein-Krotzenburg with a comprehensive program on this first holiday. Willibald Bail as a local supervisor reported, inter alia, about the active club life in his former hometown Nollendorf. Ms. Luise Neußer presented dialectic, followed by a slide lecture on earlier held in Hainburg meeting. Subsequently, songs were sung until after midnight.

The program of the 16th Heimstattreffen of the Peterswalder on the following Sunday proceeded as follows: 

9.00 pm
    Festive Mass in the Catholic Church of St. Wendelinus Hainstadt. It was celebrated by 
Pastor Rink.

10.00 o’clock Wreath-laying   ceremony at the memorial in the Hainstadter cemetery and honoring all in 
the old and new homeland fallen and deceased Peterswalder and 

11.00 clock  Official part with speeches by Mr. Mayor Herbert Wemelka in the presence of numerous representatives of the municipality Hainburg. Then spoke Ottoman countryman Ottokar Lehmann of the Confederation of displaced persons, district association Offenbach to the festival guests. At the end of the official part, Willibald Bail from Nollendorf contributed dialect poems from his hometown. Compatriot Josef Stelz thanked all guests and visitors for their visit. At the same time, he expressed gratitude to the volunteers for their efforts in preparing and holding the meeting. With great applause he thanked our 83-year-old friend Richard Wolf from Obertshausen, who faithfully recreated the now completely destroyed church of Peterswald in painstaking work with interior lighting and a modeled terrain background. carved. Already at all previous meetings Richard Wolf contributed with his self-painted pictures of Peterswald and the carved Nollendorfer Kaiserwarte and the monument to the special design of the Hainstädter sports hall on the Offenbacher Landstraße.

Also in the afternoon, the sports hall was fully occupied and the mutual reunion greetings did not want to end.

The number of visitors from the GDR and “SSR”, who were also allowed to receive a monetary gift from the sponsoring community of Hainburg as well as from the local community of Peterswalde, was slightly lower.

Visitors arrived by late afternoon to see old friends, neighbors and acquaintances from their old homeland at this 16th meeting.

After a leisurely morning brunch and lunch at the Hotel Lindenhof in Hainstadt, the meeting ended on Monday.

At the farewell the wish for a healthy and happy reunion in the sponsored community Hainburg in 1991 was expressed.

In the name of the “Peterswalder Heimatgemeinschaft”, we  send the best wishes for health, happiness and success in the New Year 1990 to all hometowns and inhabitants of ourgodfather community Hainburg .