17th Peterswald Heimattreffen in Hainburg

Following a tradition of more than three decades, several hundred Peterswalders met on June 29 and 30, 1991  for the 17th time in their godfather community Hainburg.

Also from the neighboring community Nollendorf, for which the community Hainburg on June 22, 1975 had also taken over the sponsorship, many in the years 1946 to 1948 from the Czechs in the world displaced compatriots came to Hainburg to celebrate together with the Peterswaldern reunion ,

After a solemn service in the St. Wendelinus church in Hainstadt took place in the presence of numerous representatives of the community Hainburg and the chairman of the Sudeten German country team, Landesverband Hessen, Alfred Herold and the chairman of the BdV Ortsverbandes, compatriot Klöcker, in the sports hall on Offenbacher Landstraße the official Part of the meeting. Representative of the mayor Herbert Wemelka spoke for the municipality of Hainburg, the deputy Georg Schwab. Josef Stelz from the Peterswalder Heimatgemeinschaft and Willibald Bail from the Nollendorfer Heimatgemeinschaft handed Georg Schwab a model of the former, now destroyed parish churches of Peterswald and Nollendorf, which will receive a place of honor in the planned and yet to be established home office of the community Hainburg.

 Mr. Richard Wolf and the models created by him of the parish churches of Nollendorf and Peterswald. 

After the official part of the reunion party was continued. Also in the afternoon many visitors came from near and far. The large parking lot in front of and beside drthalle on Offenbacher Landstraße was occupied to the last place.

To the delight of all those present, after the long-awaited union of the two German states, for the first time the Peterswalder and Nollendorfer living in East Germany or displaced there after the war were able to attend the Heimattreffen. About thirty couples happily came to Hainburg from there to celebrate the reunion after over 45 years.

To this B ü anger to let participate in the community Hainburg to the action, the Peter Walder home community, the yearbook of the community Hainburg to be due to the new situation now able, also living in East Germany Peter forests and Noll villages  ü bersenden. Thus, we combine the hope as ß  , the contacts with our sponsored community Hainburg and their inhabitants continue to deepen and so we ask the repr ä sentatives, headed by Mr. B üMAYOR Wemelka to continue to give us their trust and sponsorships in the sense the certificates from 16.05.1959 and 06.22.1975 with life erf abovecases.