50 years sponsorship Hainburg-Peterswald

50 years of Peterswalder meeting on 28.6.2009 in Hainburg For the twenty-sixth time the displaced Peterswalder gathered in Hainburg for the biennial “Peterswalder Treffen”. Already on 27 June, about 40 Peterswalder and Nollendorfer gathered around 4:00 pm in the Hainburger Sporthalle to meet again in a relaxed atmosphere on the eve of the actual meeting. On June 28, 2009 – for the last time in Hainburg in Hesse – around 110 Peterswalder and Nollendorfer gathered in the sports hall for a cozy get-together and an exchange of ideas and to hear the speeches of various speakers. The deputy mayor of Hainburg, Mr. Habermann, was surprised by the news that the meeting will take place in Peterswald in the future, with some newly appointed members. He brought his congratulations to the new team and gave Liane Jung a donation for future ventures. At the same time he gave on behalf of the community Hainburg a commitment to be there in the future as godparents for the Peterswalder home church. Mr. Klöcker deputy Chairman BdV of Hainstadt gave us experiences from the old home to the best and smile. Mr Gerolf Fritsche of the Confederation of Expellees could not hide his skepticism about the plan to hold the meeting in Peterswald in the future, but expressed his hope that this would succeed. He also pointed out that it is up to each individual whether the history of the Sudeten Germans in Peterswald is lost or not. Everyone should write down their memories and hand over the existing documents to the descendants in good time. Among other things, Herbert Klepsch from Nollendorf explained in his speech how it came about that the church in Nollendorf was demolished. The reason he had recently taken from the master’s thesis of a young Czech historian from the University of Aussig. For health reasons, Annelies Zechel and Edith Fischer resigned after years of joint organization of the Peterswalder meeting in Hainburg, which they held together with Liane Jung. All the Peterswalders are grateful to them for doing great things and investing a lot of time and work over the years. Edith Fischer then gave the word to Renate v. Babka, who reported on the activities over the past two years. She talked about homeland and genealogy research and, together with the new board member, Marco Schröder, researched and prepared papers on Peterswald families. Afterwards Liane Jung was invited to the stage and together it was announced that there are two new members in the team: Renate v. Babka, b. Beil and Marco Schröder, Liane Jung will continue her work for the hometown of Peterswald and announce birthdays and death dates to the Aussiger messengers. She looks forward to working with Renate and Marco. All three board members are convinced that it will be a harmonious coexistence and a departure into a new era. A time when borders have fallen and a new, united Europe is emerging. The board hopes that, as has already been done in other places, it will be possible to reunite the expelled Peterswalder in today’s Petrovice at the next meeting.