9th Peterswald Heimattreffen in Hainstadt

Again, more than 500 Peterswalders came to Hainstadt for the 9th Heimattreffen, which has been held every two years for years.

Mayor Böhn, Franz Ritschel as chairman, Anton Fischer as chairman of the Confederation of Expellees and district chairman Franz Ladek found cordial words of welcome.

After the area reform also takes place in the CSR and the neighboring community Nollendorf was incorporated into Peterswald, Mayor Böhn called the Nollendorfer that it is natural for the community Hainstadt as godparent church for Peterswald, that now also the then independent Nollendorf belongs to us and with Hainstadt is just as connected as the market town of Peterswald. You are all dear and worthy – even then – when we are no longer Hainstadt – Mayor Böhn closed his speech.