Mrs. Inge Galles lecture at the Peterswalder meeting in 2013

Video Presentation:

Vorche week hout Renate ongefrout with me, 
do you know nech dos poem virtrohn? 
Ech ho spontane jo gesout, 
ech wes vasuchn on fong then equal on.

Virha I still remember my personal memories, 
on the idyllic Flackl Are, directly on the 
border nouch Sochsen, announced. 
According to Ölsner Chronicle, it was named “Binnhof” in 1503 
. In 1572 it was already de Mihle, which was whispered in 1950 

In 1939 I hawked with one of my parents ewer de Peterschwälder 
Falder dos Beenhoftal. Enthusiastic 
about the ponds, Kahnel lied on the bank and 
Ma was able to row ponds openly, ee Gaudi for the kids. 
Bildlich saw Eisold-Müller met sanner 
checkered apron standing in the door of the mill. He hout a 
gures bread. In the inn with dan ceilings 
, de Eisold Friedel offered Assen on drinking.

In July 1945, when I was still in vain, I found myself in 
Hellendorf. Since Haase, Richard hotte us abgepoßt 
on zom papa gesout: Zoppe can equal on my 
onaong on me . We covet apartment in dan scheen wooden house 
above da settlement, so nee far wag from the Beenhofe, 
as often our Sonntichausflogziel wor.

In 1945 everyone was hungry, gobs vee furs, Dad knew 
flickering in the Beenhof and Murder Basics of the past. 
So Moncher Pelzbrouten liked us so much, in 
1954 the parents celebrated “Selverhoxt” in the Beenhofe, on weßta 
wa da Gostwirt wor, because Körtel Erhard addressed to his wife from 

So nonte on the border may be my fostere night ewa de Falder 
and our house in da Tise, our possessions. 
In 1947, Mama and ech went to work with Aunt Kühnel Marie. Se gob 
us from Teel en vo dan care packeln from America. When we opened 
Faldwag’s direction tool we were wholly fired into the 
loft. Going to the gates is a daze. 
Wherever borderers came to us, they wallowed, wo want to. 
We called Aunt Marie nech, yes, hatch would have creaked. 
When there, as well as deitsch sproch still unsaved noun 
froute, menta: Mrs. Zappe I know her husband well and 
if I were alone, I would let her run, but I have
Comrade here. So, for example, they were broken 
and then locked by the post office in Kalla with two bunkers. 
It was anxious, the fanster barked uninterruptedly a dog 
and up in the Soole (in dan ma etze set) was met with loud 
music since 1st Dai celebrated. The next morning we went to 
Nollendorf still Tellnitz, with there stubble still Aussig in 
prison. We had to kill 12 toge 13 women in a 5 man cell 
. Then we went to Petaschwalde, 
the gendarmes were looking forward to the border on Beenhofe on the 
“honem, honem” sausage.

On etze dos vaschnchne Poem of the Beenhofe

Jera Petaschwälder keen it Beenhoflied. It is a folk poetry, in which 
Petaschwälder actual events zsomgetroon hoon. Em 
Johre 1887 hout there Josef Kühnel then wrote it and later hout since 
August Ritschel from Peterswald changed 161 de Verse still amou. 
Now ho ech sa amou changed, namely in de Petaschwälder 

Renate v. Babka, b. ax


In the snow, when there is snow, silently the violets are watching 
Dou can see that the gentleman pulls up to the Beenhof. 
Then there is Adrian-Wenz, then Wawa-Wenz, and then soooo there 
Da Beckn-Korl, Güttler-Wenz and the Barche olle dreie ,

The bankruptcy of the bank is tormenting. 
Since wee gane bekta and hout, but not yet, 
De Brelle studies obliquely with Glose, where we still have some amoung, 
then Beenhofkreita drums in, which he then cures.

Schuwat from 
Saacht is already stretching out his dead pine tree, just as stupid Steinmann’s house 
Da Steinmann woa a rich moon, there is nowhere hot mej hot 
When sulche Leite sees, a dos Laamm crawls soot.

As Hamann Franz ow that Löbel Franz setzn the Eisold  drenne 
Un Mochen dou a Speelchen un Honn nothin ’em Senne. 
Since Juergen Seff there specht a with un tutt as ewageschnoppt 
Because ehm his färbelspiel already wera gor nech clobbers.

As Peeschel-Gust fashions in, how imma to Pläsier 
Rufft gravitationally like a hero: Herr Wirt, a Eenfoch-Bier 
Da Botschen and da Schulnazseff go gaane metnander aus 
But if se amou be at the Eisold, then it’s hard to go home 

Em Summa, if it were not, the mushrooms were soon wolfing 
the Wolf-Seff and the better gentleman, meeting with Beenhofwald, 
since Möser clogs up sons s Blumentrittsteigel in 
there Eisold already knows from afar unkind to Betttern.  

Da Vieweck-Franz and Schmiede-Wenz are starting out at the edge of the forest 
Un seng from full brost the song “My homeland” 
Da Adrian-Just da is listening to the valley n singers Kläng 
calls “Bravo” sings og still amou, then go my own hallways ,

Since Eispold da hout Freere dron and hout de Leite gaane 
Og meene trout are relaxing in peace, 
Dou curbs Sottla, undresses and grabs untan Steen.

Since Brückn-Just, there is, we a gaane amaou fishing 
Dou crows there Sottla, poss og on, doss se us there nee 
Da Hamann-Gust and Jogel-Gust, the fishing at the same time 
Un if the fisch in da Boch fenn, then fish in the pond.

Since Eisold usually a gura Moon, dou scolds as never 
De trout my property, I’m going to the gendarmerie 
Da shame arm catches a soon on it and we catch the fisherman’s guide 
But the long overdue barche with trout work.

De Sengvouchln fly in the free world of the world 
The beautiful Schneira Hofek-Wenz met List still. 
Caught Zeisich, Linnet, Distelfink met sann 
Vouchelleim Let zwitschan then de Vouchelschar at Schneirateesch at home.

Late autumn, when Beenhoftal da Hirtenruf resounds 
Since Beilschuster-Just and Housa-Anton are still in the Beenhofwald 
Se schneinn Birkenrutn from met vee Gedold Führwohr 
Un mochn prima Basn from winter jeres Johr.

Since Greten-Just Johr and Toch goes to completion manor house, schofft 
since Steinmann hout ehn very gaane and appreciates his Orweitskr 
If s rufft Őlsner Gleckl: moch Feieroumt, gure Nocht 
Dou he houckt stad en chump on un lags heemwärts so socht

De Menschn olle, called the dou, long ago 
rests on the earth’s lap Un ewrich remains of olledaan the remembrance merely 
For it is certainly a God’s Rout, a Come and a Go 
But Dochen’s Beenhoflied met hann Hehn will endure ewich bleim.

De Petaschwälda will be distributed in the Walt grove, rushing his 
way from the do and dirt, from Weitha. 
Honestly diligently een nee Hemt,

feel six dirt well, we still hope, 
Ober de Hemt know ma nech vagass, 
so hot da Zechel Bernd met old photos left 
the village on the Labm.

Thank you very much.

All of you stay on gura Denge, 
dos wishes from the heart, from Zappens,