Peterswalder Treffen: 29. - 30. 6. 2013

The Czech Mayor of Zdenek Kutina holds 
the welcoming speech (next to him the interpreter, Mrs. Svata Plechacová)

For the second time, approx. 90 drove Peterswalder and their descendants in Peterswald to a home meeting.

Already on Saturday, the 29.6. Many came to enjoy the baroque concert on the occasion of the 220th anniversary of the St. Peter’s Church and to attend the inauguration of the new local museum in the sacristy of the church. This has been organized by the community Peterswald.

On Sunday, at 10.30 am, as at the last meeting in 2011,  Sts. Mass celebrated by Pastor Karel Havelka in cooperation with Ms Liane Jung  . Then there was a program in the hall of the inn “Post”. There, a small exhibition was set up and a billboard on which many an ancestor discovered. The oldest visitor of the meeting was Artur Ruprecht (Adrian-Adi) at the age of 92 and the youngest of the Peterswald scion 5 months, the grandson of Christa Grösser, b. Hieke.

As a prelude, the clarinetist Rita Lehmann from Dresden played some of Mozart’s works, before she had delighted the church visitors with the Ave Maria.

Mr. Mayor Zdenek Kutina warmly welcomed the former inhabitants of Peterswald and stated, among other things, that the new museum should bring the history of the village closer to today’s residents and be available to all interested parties on certain days.

The  Bienhof poem , in dialect by  Inge Galle , b. Zappe (Zapp-Inge) reminded the Peterswalder of old times.

Finally, Ms. Erna Staud, b. Ruprecht (Adrian-Ernl) the merits of Liane Jung and Renate v. Babka appreciated and thanked them on behalf of the Peterswalder.

We would like to extend this thanks to all our helpers and donors, without whom no meeting would have been possible in Peterswald, because such a meeting was not only very costly, but also very extensive and preparation-intensive.

Erna Staud, in the name of the Peterswalder –   thanks to  Liane Jung and Renate v. Babka